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Our Products

   eAroma Xtra (New!)   

   Scent Wafer (New!)

   Soap Dispensers

   Air Care



  Hand / Hair Dryer

  Bin / Accessories

  Floor Mats


  Eco-Friendly Toiletries

  i-Touch Tap

           + The Tap With A Difference

           + 3 Faucet Designs

           + Modern Stylish Basins

i-Touch Tap



   Fits Easily On Most Basins

  • Available For Household & Commercial Use
  • Compatible To Be Installed On Most Basins
    (Comes with One-Touch Manual (ON/OFF) and as well as AUTO OFF)
  • Tested By Industrial Technology Research Institute Of Taiwan For Its
    High Quality Of Functionality (ISO 9001 Qualification)





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