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eScent™ : Scent Marketing – More Than Just A Scent
Market Research showed that a scent is more than just a smell. Other than assisting to achieve your business objectives to enhance consumer experience, influence consumer mood and strengthening brand identity. it has also proven to create a therapeutic effect to bring about the overall well-beings of each individual personally, to calm, ease, relax, rejuvenate and heal.
Corporate Social Responsibilty
(CSR) Project


Our Patented eScentâ„¢ Series Can
  • Build Brand’s Identity, Loyalty & Increases In Sales
  • Increase Concentration & Productivity
  • Bring Service Standards To New Heights
  • Differentiate From Competition
  • Enhance Indoor Environment
  • Reduce Anxiety & Fears
  • Stimulate The Body And Increase Energy Vigor
  • Create Multisensory Experiences For Guests
  • Enhance To Create Desired Mood/ Atmosphere For Guests

  • Scent Marketing:
    Builds Brand’s Identity, Loyalty and Increases In Sales
    Today, leading corporations are incorporating the sense of smell into the business of marketing and branding to build customer’s loyalty and increase in sales. Using one of the 5 human senses, market research showed that that scent could stimulate the brainwave and create a therapeutic effect to connect customers on a deeper level.

    Concept A

    Invisible Proprietries

    Concept b

    Olfactory Science

    Concept c

    Value Augmentation

    Finding The Right Scent To Suit Your Business

    It is believed that distinctive smells could help create a signature scent that induces the right emotion to connect with your target audience and achieve the desired effects on consumers. Using all natural therapeutic aromatic fragrance, we have the Right Scent to suit your business needs to ensure highest benefits and total well-being of your customers.

    We work with each of our clients to analyze, understand their objectives, recommend and implement scent marketing strategies specific to their industries. They are namely; Hotels, Clubs and Bars, Casinos, Retailers, Brands, Food & Beverages, Hospitals & Healthcares, Showrooms, etc, just to name a few.

    Competitive Analysis
    Features Nebuliser eScentâ„¢
    Usage Installation and modification to AC system required No installation
    Flexibility Very low Very High
    Scent Consistency High Based on scent type
    Handling Liquid spill Safe and easy to handle
    Fixed Cost High fixed costs incurred No initial investment, no fixed costs
    Indoor Air Quality Indoor air pollution, causes allergies Does not pollute. Product is hypoallergenic
    Environmental Friendliness Consumes electricity Does not require electricity, made from 100% biodegradable and natural materials.

  • eScentâ„¢ : Aromatherapy For Your Dogs & Pets