Our Mission In Educating & Promoting
Environmental Awareness

to innovate and reinvent eco-friendly packagings by optimizing the use of recycled
and renewable source materials that are durable and non-toxic

Our Brand Identity
‘i-gene’ – Innovation, Green Awareness, Environmental Friendly,Natural Resources & Evolution

The logo i-gene is designed with an “i” which represents the human form and forward boldness in washroom service, design, innovation & technology. The Star signifies most of our product lines has successfully achieved International Accredited Laboratories certification and recognisation. It also protrays the companys broadness in venturing in globalised business area.

Simplicity, Holistic, Environmental Friendly and Creative

Using the approach of less is more, we blend in the 4 elements in mind to create an impressionable and easy brand identification.

Our Vision

The impending negative impacts caused to our environment in the last decades is an immediate threat. How we, as individuals, communities and societies are tackling the BIG challenge will shape our children’s future in this mother earth. Reducing carbon footprint, adopting clean technologies, embracing green solutions, etc, the road towards a more sustainable practice isn’t going to be effortless however it is our responsibility for each of us to use our freedom to choose wisely and take every conscious step to create a healthier and safer world.

Inter-Lab Products envisions to be the forerunner and global market leader in expertises and solutions, innovative reinventions, approaches and services to shift Singapore and Asia into a friendlier, healthier environment – green sustainable home for our children, grandchildren and many generations to come.

We aim to combine alternative eco-friendly green resources with product qualities that succeed in meeting users performance expectations.

Our Mission
Educating & Promoting Environmental Awareness

We create effective, measurable and scalable sustainability practices by the rules of the 4Rs: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle and Refuse – to innovate and reinvent eco-friendly packagings by optimizing the use of recycled and renewable source materials that are durable and non-toxic , hence, reducing negative environmental impact.

We will assist both organisations and individuals to love and care for the surroundings and provide green solutions to mitigate further negative effects on mother earth for a greener sustainable environment to promote innate kindness and moral actions to cultivate societal harmony and environmental awareness. This advocation is to discover, understand and make better choices that will eventually impact the world where we live in.

We pledge ourselves to conduct our business in an environmental responsible approach whereby no animal testing and forestry damages are done to preach what we advocate – safe guards the earth and all her inhabitants.

Commitment In Quality, Cost & Services

We pledge to provide our valued clients and end-users – premium, safe and innovative products that are both priced competitively and environmentally friendly. In doing do, we provide an opportunity for them to do their bit in protecting our planet earth by making a shift to more eco-sensitive alternatives.

Our Approach

The people at Inter-Lab Products live by our mission statement every day, we pride and pledge ourselves in:

  • Service with passion and excellence; exceeding client’s expectation every time
  • Honour with integrity; respect for all
  • Evolve in unity; sharing of rewards
Corporate Social Responsibilty
(CSR) Project


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